Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Free Look At Foreclosure Statistics

At the bottom of this Originator Times article is an example of Realtytrac information, by state. "The RealtyTrac Monthly U.S. Foreclosure Market Report provides a graphical map that illustrates foreclosure percentiles by state, as well as the total number of homes in some stage of foreclosure nationwide and by state over the preceding month."

"Data is also available at the individual county level. RealtyTrac’s report includes properties in all three phases of foreclosure: Pre-foreclosures — Notice of Default (NOD) and Lis Pendens (LIS); Foreclosures, Notice of Trustee Sale and Notice of Foreclosure Sale (NTS and NFS); and Real Estate Owned, or REO properties (that have been repurchased by a bank)."


At 8:57 AM, Blogger Chip said...

I saved that originatortimes link -- it might provide useful industry insider information in coming months.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Out at the peak said...

This is really strange. The NODs should out weigh the NTSs. Are lenders able to issue NTSs before a NOD? Otherwise a smaller NOD number indicates a recovering market (which doesn't make sense now).

At 2:02 PM, Blogger rsharga said...

Hope you don't mind a response from RealtyTrac on your question. The answer is that in some states, there IS no NOD step in the foreclosure process. The first "official" document the homeowner receives is a notice of sale (NTS).

BTW: Nothing I've seen in our data suggests that the number of NODs has declined from quarter to quarter.

You can check out the most recent numbers in the news section of our website (


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