Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Massive Increase In Filings": Massachusetts

"A provider of Massachusetts foreclosure data released its November 2006 report today, revealing that foreclosure filings in Massachusetts are shattering previous records. The report shows that 2,188 foreclosures were initiated statewide during the month of October 2006, 111% more than October 2005 and 219% above 2004 levels."

"'2006 has been a very unhappy year for thousands of Massachusetts homeowners, we are seeing a massive increase in foreclosure filings,' said Jeremy Shapiro, president of ForeclosuresMass.com. 'By October 31st of 2006 every county in Massachusetts already had more foreclosure filings than the entire 2005 calendar year.'"

"October 2006 saw over 70 foreclosure filings per day (including weekends and holidays) and nearly 110 every business day. 11,493 foreclosures were filed for the entire year in 2005. So, with 2 months to go in the year we have already eclipsed 2005 totals by 3,640."


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