Friday, January 12, 2007

Bankruptcies To Grow: Poll

The Kansas City Star has this report. "A majority of respondents to a poll by the American Bankruptcy Institute expect an upsurge in bankruptcies among middle-size private and family businesses this year."

"According to the poll by the national organization, which monitors bankruptcies, 27 percent of respondents 'agreed strongly' and 44 percent 'somewhat agreed' that middle-market business bankruptcies will substantially increase."

"The poll is significant because business bankruptcies were down in 2006, due in part to a stronger economy, lower interest rates and an improving market."

"The decline last year led to speculation of when, if at all, the next restructuring 'boom' would occur, bankruptcy institute officials said in a statement released today."


At 6:32 PM, Blogger Out at the peak said...

According to, I have seen foreclosures almost double over the last three months (500 to 959). The preforeclosures only increased 34%; the effective rate of NOD to NTS went from 20% to 28% (a 40% increase).

Bankruptcies only increased 12% over the same time. I would think bankruptcies are a lagging indicator judging from my data.


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