Saturday, January 28, 2006

Use The Web To Find Local Hotspots

The Ledger shows that a random search for foreclosures can yield info on a local market, such as Lakeland, Florida. "Mortgage foreclosures filed with the civil division of the Circuit Court for Sept. 29Oct. 4, 2005."

For example, note the multiple lots in a subdivision by the same lender. "Lot 15, Block 292, Indian Lake Estates, Unit 9 (revised); by I.L.E. Properties Inc., a Florida corporation...Lot 2, Block 393, Indian Lake Estates, Unit 14; by I.L.E. Properties..Lot 7, Block 204, Indian Lake Estates, Unit 5; by I.L.E. Properties..Lot 4, Block 281, Indian Lake Estates, Unit 9 (revised); by I.L.E. Properties..Lot 3, Block 129, Indian Lake Estates, Unit 2; by I.L.E. Properties..Lot 91, Woodlands; by I.L.E. Properties."

"Lot 5, Arietta Hills; by JP Morgan Chase Bank, as Trustee.. Poinciana, Neighborhood 4, Village 7; by JP Morgan Chase Bank, as Trustee."

You might even find, as I did, that your bank has some defaults. "Lot 7, Block F, Lake Beulah Heights, Phase 3; by Everbank."


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Ben Jones said...

I run across these everyday, doing web searches for my housing bubble blog. Anyone should be able to find a local online court record and bookmark it. It is useful for keeping the pulse of a market, if no other reason.


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